MAZOMOS Landscape and Heritage consultants are set up and ready to get involved.

We are a group of established researchers with transdisciplinary expertise in the field of landscape. We offer cultural landscape and heritage consultancy and training for users in both the private and public sectors.

We are promoting a sustainable, resilient and participative management of landscapes around the World, based on a novel understanding of their historical evolutionary trajectories and on the perception of local communities.

We make large use of innovative computer technologies for recording, reading and analysing the landscape, and we produce user-friendly and interactive digital datasets for our clients. One of our services includes training coursed, these are aimed at providing a technical and theoretical skill-set to manage and interpret landscape information for policy and development purposes. We support open-source and open-data philosophy, and we promote transparency in research and collaborative approaches in our work. 


Yes, Mazomos! Mazomos relates to large units, commonly spotted in the hinterland of Greek islands, housing the lives of the shepherd and his family and the typical farming and animal husbandry activities. Mazomos is sustainably integrated with the surrounding landscape and commonly includes a number of small buildings and edifices (threshing floors, huts, wine presses, pens etc), sometimes shared among a number of farmers.

Mazomos is also a meeting point for the farmers/shepherds living nearby. They commonly meet in the afternoons to socialise and discuss matters pertaining to their lives in the hinterland but also to decide on non-typical strategies for the sustainable, equitable and inclusive management of the common resources (land, streams) in the form of contracts that pass down from generation to generation. A place, away from the settlements, that community ethos is reproduced, bringing people together and forging bonds through participation. Mazomos is open to newcomers as long as they respect the ethos and ways of this small community and participate in their common efforts.


But who is ‘we’ then?

– Francesco Carrer a landscape archaeologist from Italy

– Sam Turner a landscape archaeologist from the UK,

– Niels Dabaut a geographer and heritage specialist from Belgium

– Stelios Lekakis a landscape archaeologist and heritage specialist from Greece